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Teakwood Mid-Century Bath Collection Quick Guide

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

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As Mid-Century design makes a comeback, so is teakwood. Known for its durable qualities and ability to hold up to continuous use with water, teakwood has beautiful natural grains with very low maintenance. All you really need to do is use teakwood oil on it occasionally. You can also clean up Teak with simple to use oil kits. Teak is the perfect compliment to any home or bath, but it especially works with Mid-Century style homes. We've put together a quick guide for some of the coolest bathroom accessories and we fount all of them on Amazon!

1. Teakwood Mosaic Tile 2. Teak Laundry Hamper 3. Soap Catcher made from Teakwood 4. Teak Bathtub Caddy 5. Teakwood Bench 6. Geometric Teak Bath Mat 7. Modern Teak Toilet Brush 8. Mid-Century Wooden Hooks 9. Rustic Wooden Teak Bowl 10. Wooden Shower Organizer 11. Raw Teakwood Root Terrarium

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