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Rustic Boho Chic Living Room

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

We love the look of the living room in our container house! It gives off a versatile look that everyone will love!

Leather Loveseat

This soft leather loveseat from Amazon comes in a warm chocolate color. Its modern look adds lines that accent this living room in just the right way. But the best part…you can’t beat the price!

Mid-Mod Grey Chair

Perfect for any corner in your home, this midcentury chair goes with anything and it's available at Amazon! Grey durable fabric is accented by a modern wood frame making it the best accent for this space.

Moroccan Rug

Your feet will love you when you bring them home to this baby. This Moroccan Rug from Target is soft and shaggy in just the right way with a boho chic look that will make a cozy space in any home.

Farmhouse Fireplace

Um…Yes Please! Who doesn’t want a fireplace in every room?? Well now you can have the look and charm of an actual fireplace with a fraction of the cost from Way. LED lights give off a realistic warm glow and you can turn on the heat if your toes get cold on your shaggy rug.

Large Silk Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Pot

Greenery alway livens up a space, so we recommend this large leaf fig tree. Honestly, we would have put this in our container house if there had been space, but we had to settle for a smaller version.

Stitched by Grace Pillows

What a find! This company has quality handmade pillows that will give off a stylish flare to any space you have, but we love them paired with our leather & linen look we have going on in this space. You really can’t go wrong with any of these looks, so pick your favorite! I know this shop will make your wish list for years to come!


Finishing Touches

Edison Bulb Lamp

Let’s add a touch of industry- Adding an Edison Bulb Lamp, like this one from Overstock.com, gives a different texture and adds an element of masculinity to this space.

Snowy Mountain Scene Wall Art

Wall art is a great way to add a little personality to your space. We wanted to give a feeling of serenity so we choose a Mountainous Scene to add nature and beauty to this rustic modern space.

Large Armillary Globe Sphere Statue Figurine

Adding different shapes and textures always gives a space some interest. We recommend going with this decorative sphere sculpture from Dot & Bo, just to add a little variety and this one won’t disappoint! Put it on the mantle or a side table and give your space a designer look.


So, now that you have everything you need to change your living space to this Rustic Boho Chic Living Room, we can’t wait to see your spaces!! Please put your pictures in the comments and share them with us in our VIP group on Facebook!

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