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Amazon Kitchen Makeover

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You can do an amazing kitchen makeover on a budget completely from Amazon! We found some great, inexpensive products that will totally make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Kitchen Faucet

If you haven’t figured it out by now, brushed gold is the new black. It’s like jewelry for your kitchen and this faucet is stunning! At around $100 you can’t go wrong. It comes in other colors if gold is too much for you. It would also work well in a laundry room.

Apron Front Sink

Every updated kitchen you see has an Apron Front Sink. And why not??! They’re wonderful! Stylish and functional, they’re the perfect addition to any new kitchen! Amazon has them in everything from stainless to porcelain and in several sizes too.


Not everyone can afford new countertops, but that doesn’t mean you can’t update them. There are so many new products out there to fix those ugly counters. Amazon has several options, but our favorite is white.




Cabinet Paint

We love a full on kitchen makeover, new cabinets and all. But, we’ve started to realize that sometimes a kitchen doesn’t need it. Older cabinets were well made and sometimes just need to be revamped. Nuvo has a great line of cabinet paint in several refreshing colors that we know will work well in your kitchen. Sometimes cabinets just need a little love.


One of the easiest ways to update cabinetry is hardware. More gold jewelry? Yes, please!! Check out these extra long slender pulls. They add so much drama to the look! They also come in packs so you don’t have to order them individually and they’re a little cheaper that way too!

Storage solutions

Even though we love those older cabinets, sometimes they aren’t the most efficient. There are some pretty simple solutions, though. Rev-a-shelf has everything you can think of to make those cabinets functional again. Once again, Amazon to the rescue!


Your backsplash can add so much to a space, but some kitchens don’t even have one. So, there’s a couple of options. Peel and Stick tile is so affordable and doesn’t take much to install. It’s also easy to clean and looks great. Amazon has a huge selection that we know will please any new kitchen owner. If you have tile already and can’t afford to replace it, Amazon has another solution…tile paint! Just reglaze those tiles and you’ll have a new, fresh look.


Lighting can make or break your kitchen. If you have can lights you can update them really quickly with these LED lights from Amazon. If you want pendants, Amazon is definitely the place for you. They have all sorts of styles and trends. We recommend you use them to really bring out your personality.

Bar Stools

One of the best ways to update a space is new bar stools. Even if you don’t have a bar, place a few where people congregate by the island or at the end of the counter can be a great way to add seating and change up the decor.

We like these, because they have the touch of gold that we’re loving in our kitchens and they’re swanky. Just what a new kitchen needs.

Open Shelving

What to do with that blank wall or that weird upper cabinet that doesn’t belong? How about some open shelving! It’s great to have extra storage, but even better when you can show off some cute cookbooks or add a little greenery or maybe even display that special platter that’s always in a drawer. Open shelving is the perfect solution for your new kitchen.

Well, there it is, you’re new dream kitchen and you didn’t have to spend much at all! With a few DIY tricks and a little help from Amazon and you’ve got a new space that will have you looking forward to doing dishes…well maybe not, but it will for sure be better than it was.

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