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Tiny House

This house was a disaster!  We took a hoarder house and made the cutest little mid-mod farmhouse.  We changed the living room in the back into a large, luxurious master suite.  We updated the entire house for an amazing result.

Great Mid-Centry house with wonderful windows and hardwood floors.  We turned a disastrous shower into an oasis.  Added some charm and Voila!

This house had a weird floor plan for sure.  It was a front house with 2 bedrooms and a back studio connected by a laundry room.  We changed it into a 3 unit multi-family property for short-term rentals.  Just look how fabulous it turned out!

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03 / 03  /  2020

Cute place had some very nice touches and VERY well decorated!
~ Jalin


01  /  12  /  2020

I regret every five star review I've given in the past.  They truly raised the bar and surpassed my expectations!
~ Gelson


10  /  09  /  2019

Beautifully appointed, simple, spacious...
~ Laura